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June 4, 2014

Facebook Adds Reviews Tab & Revamps Review Page

Facebook, like other social media platforms makes changes frequently. The changes are made for a variety of reasons. Although it takes time for any change to filter down through the millions of users at Facebook, a recent addition to Facebook Pages for Places pages seems to have been handled more quietly than usual. Page administrators using the “old” version of the the popular platform have seen modules which offer “Reviews” appear on many pages.

Other readers show evidence of reviews placed among modules utilized for features such as photos and applications. In either case, the fanfare for the feature has been less than is sometimes noted for similar revisions in the past.


Readers who click on the review button will see a review bow open. The rating of the subject page allows for a rating from one to five stars. You can write your own review on the page. If other Facebook friends have “liked” the page, you can see their information. It is even possible to ‘Like” the page without leaving the review box.


The choice of who sees the review is also left to the discretion of the reviewer. Before you post the review, you should look over the various groups available to decide who sees the words that you wrote. The groups include public, friends and friends of friends, friends except acquaintances, or one of your personal lists. You can also create a custom release.


Once you post the initial review, Facebook will provide other Pages which you can review. They are either pages you have looked at previously, or those you have “Liked” on Facebook. For those reviewers who chose “Public” as the posting group, the review will appear live on the page that you just reviewed.

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